After more than One Hundred Years and 108,000 interments, entombments and inurnments, Westview still holds nearly 300 acres in reserve to serve the needs of future generations. Not only does Westview offer traditional burial site options, but crypts and private family rooms are available in the Mausoleum as well as outdoor Garden niches for those choosing cremation.


In choosing traditional in-ground Burial, you and your loved ones will be assured a tradition of excellence that has been part of Westview Cemetery since its inception. Westview Cemetery provides lots in both upright monument sections and bronze memorial park section.

Both sections may be utilized for interment of casketed remains, inurnment of cremated remains, or just memorialization.


For those not wishing in-ground burial, Westview Cemetery offers several options in our Mausoleum, which contains many crypt options for caskets or niches dedicated for urns. Westview Cemetery also has dedicated sections of the grounds for private family mausoleums. Burial in the Mausoleum offers benefits that simply are not found with other options.

  • Comfort and convenience for year around visitation.
  • Beauty in every season of the year
  • Land conservation
  • Protection from the elements


Westview Cemetery requires the use of a vault with every in-ground burial. Westview offers outer containers that have a stabilizing effect on the final resting place. For more information on Protective Burial Vaults and Outer Containers available, please contact Westview to speak with someone in our Sales department.

  • Lined: Our Lined burial vault is constructed of high strength concrete along with an inner lining of durable plastic and also has a permanent seal. The vault’s enduring strength provides protection from natural elements. The Vaults are available in several styles and colors.
  • Unlined: Westview also offers an unlined outer container that will still preserves the stability of the final resting place.
  • Urn Vaults: Protects the integrity of cremains over time. A wide range of styles and pricing options are available to meet your needs, including double urns.

Markers & Monuments

Everyone deserves a memorial; a footprint that pays tribute to a life well lived. Whether in-ground or above-ground, permanent memorialization placement provides a link to the past, present and future and creates a touchstone of history, heritage and celebration.

  • Bronze markers for individuals or families offer a wide range of design options.
  • Granite and Marble headstones and upright monuments can be created, for a truly personalized memorial that reflects your family’s unique spirit.

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