Westview Cemetery, established in 1884, is proudly listed in the National and Georgia Registers of Historic Places!

Westview Cemetery is a sprawling 582 acre private Cemetery located inside the city limits of Atlanta. After the Historic Oakland Cemetery became full, Westview was established and "patterned after then-popular lawn park cemetery, Woodlawn in the Bronx, New York." Westview boasts many intriguing historical and cultural facets including an 1890 Romanesque-revival gatehouse and The Westview Abbey, the latter commissioned by Asa Candler, Jr. in 1943. Functioning as both a lawn park and memorial park cemetery, Westview appeals to all cultural and ethnic backgrounds among copious scenes of natural beauty. Many recognize Westview as a safe haven of great importance to droves of local flora and fauna which only add to its historic appeal. Prominent burials on Westview's grounds include L.P. Grant, Coca Cola founder Asa Candler, Henry Grady, Joel Chandler Harris, Civil rights leaders Donald L. Hollowell and Ralph McGill among many others.

Westview would like to thank its cosponsor The Atlanta Preservation Center and the author of our nomination Jeff Clemmons for making our nomination a success.

Westview Cemetery added to Georgia Register of Historic Places

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