Events for The Phoenix Flies 2019 Celebration*

Phoenix Flies

Self-Guided Driving Tours

March 2 – 24, 10 AM – 2 PM
Stop by the Business Office for map and brochure.

Bus Tours at 10 AM and 2 PM on the following days

Thursday, March 7
Friday, March 8
Saturday, March 9
Thursday, March 21
Friday, March 22
Saturday, March 23

Bus Tours depart from Business Office located just inside the main gate. Please use parking lot to the left rear of the building. Plan to arrive 10 min. prior to departure, for check in.

RESERVATION ONLY, seating is limited. Email

 * The Atlanta Preservation Center's Phoenix Flies: A Celebration of Atlanta's Historic Sites is a City-wide festival that provides free public access to 90+ historic and cultural sites integral to Atlanta's rich economic and cultural heritage. For more information about Tour Participants and the Atlanta preservation Center, visit


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please visit the Events page prior to check for event changes or cancellations.


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